Keeping your data secure

  • 55 North is committed to ensuring that your information (data) is securely held.
  • 55 North holds information in a variety of electronic systems which allows us to provide services to you.
  • 55 North has updated its processes to manage, maintain, store and process, communicate and protect all information accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations and other legal legislations, our policies and best practice.
  • 55 North has set a retention period of your data to three years and/or, in accordance with any Contract we hold with you. 55 North will review and archive your data for the relevant legal retention period and dispose of it in a secure manner.
  • If you want 55 North to hold data for longer or shorter than three years you must stipulate this to us in writing.

Data provided by you

  • All contact data supplied by you and its integrity will be your responsibility. The right to have data amended or removed will be the responsibility of the Data Provider at all times.

Data Transfer

  • 55 North strongly recommends that all data spreadsheets are uploaded through our preferred transfer method, (i.e. SFTP, FTP, or email). All data supplied through email should be password protected.


  • 55 North may monitor and record communications with you (such as telephone conversations and emails) for the purpose of quality assurance and security, training, fraud prevention and compliance.


  • 55 North has a duty of care to protect the information supplied by our Customers, Suppliers and Readers.

Information we hold about you

  • We hold information on our customers such as contact information and purchase history with 55 North.

Access to your information

  • All Customers, Suppliers and Readers are entitled to review the information that we hold on your behalf via a written request.


All of the above is in line with 55 North Terms and Conditions.